Madrid Excelente Chair

The Chair enables the collaboration of entities and experts of Madrid Excelente with university professors to share the teaching of subjects related to the culture of quality and excellence.

The Madrid Excelente Chair promotes the organization of courses, workshops and seminars on business management, corporate responsibility and innovation, with the aim of making students at the University Rey Juan Carlos knowledgeable about the latest trends on these topics. In addition, the Chair issues regular publications on business management, quality and excellence, which serve to support the workshops and in-person seminars.

Some of the most recent publications include “Management according to objectives”“The chart of integral management” and “Analysis of the economic and financial structure of the company in times of crisis”. These publications are also geared towards organizations certified with the Madrid Excelente label, especially small and medium-sized companies.

Certiied with the Madrid Excelente Chair, students of the University Rey Juan Carlos receive training so that when they join the workforce, they spread the culture of excellence and thus contribute to the advancement of the business fabric.

AAnalysis of the economic and financial structure of the company in times of crisis

The chart of integral management

Management according to objectives

General Accounting Plan

Marketing management at the SMEs

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